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Austin ISD
4000 S. I-H 35 Frontage Rd
78704 Austin , TX
United States
30° 13' 6.9528" N, 97° 45' 11.7252" W
Texas US
Austin ISD
4000 S. I-H 35 Frontage Rd
Austin, TX, 78704
United States
Austin ISD
General Information

The District aims to provide students with nature-based learning; access to nutritious, sustainably-sourced food; and knowledge about sustainable food systems. Together, these improve social, emotional, health, and academic outcomes and nurture an appreciation for the environment in our next generation. As such, Austin ISD:

  • Signed the Pledge to support the Austin Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights, which was passed by City Council in 2017.
  • Collaborates in the Cities Connecting Children to Nature program to create Green School Parks.
  • Provides the AISD Garden to Café program to put school-gown produce in the cafeteria for our students to taste.
  • Has approximately 120 gardens at Austin ISD schools, many of which are Wildlife Habitat Certified by the National Wildlife Federation for monarchs, birds, and other native wildlife.
  • Participates in the Good Food Purchasing Program to purchase high-quality local foods.
  • Is aligning curriculum across all core subjects with lessons that can be performed in nature.
  • Has a rich and varied tree canopy that includes some of Austin’s most notable Heritage Trees. The AISD Forester ensures that trees stay healthy and safe, and that they are able to thrive and grow as valuable assets to our schools and community.
  • Partners with local organizations to support school reforestation efforts.
  • Provides hands-on teacher professional development and field trips to Discovery Hill, the District’s demonstration habitat garden.
  • Includes “Outdoor Learning” in the revised Educational Specifications so that outdoor spaces will be deliberately designed to support learning activities at our schools.