E.g., Oct 3 2022
E.g., Oct 3 2022
Explore Bowhunting - Conversations, Demonstrations and Activities
Sat, 9/24/2022 9:00am to 1:00pm
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Guadalupe River SP
3350 Park Road 31
Spring Branch, TX, 78070
United States (214)532-1613

Are you interested in hunting, or more specifically bowhunting? Let us help inspire your interest!

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Activities for youth and adults will include:

  • Gear Introduction and Familiarity
    • What should be in your to-go bag
  • Camouflage Activities¬†
  • Butchering Demonstration
    • Skinning
    • Quartering
    • Butchering
  • Shooting
    • Entry level archery range - youth and adults
    • Anatomy of your target
    • Shot placement
    • Tracking
  • Conversations with Staff
    • Discuss public hunting lands
    • Texas Youth Hunting Program
    • Licenses, Laws and Regulations
Things To Do: 
All ages