Yett Creek Park
12520 Riata Vista Circle
United States
-97° -97' 2.0328000000004" N 30° 30' 52.5036" W

Yett Creek Park is a little known undeveloped forested patch of 40 acres in North Austin just west of the Milwood neighborhood and southeast of the big Apple business park off Riata Vista Circle. A maze of rough, flat trails flanked by tall grass and thick brush await the determined hiker or dog walker. The marked trailhead on the Apple side is just past the Zimmer Spine parking area, but you can also enter the trail system from the back side off West Cow Path in the Angus Valley neighborhood. 

Neighbors have adopted the park, and hope to improve the trail, beautify the entryways, and add signage.

Trails- Hiking
Things To Do: 
Hiking/ walking
Wildlife Watching