Waterloo Greenway
500 E 12th Street
United States
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-97° -97' 8.9303999999997" N 30° 30' 23.376" W

The revitalized 11-acre Waterloo Park is a central hub of activity and a catch-your-breath haven for every Austinite. More than 1.5 miles of tree-lined hike-and-bike trails guide visitors through Luci and Ian’s Family Hill Country Garden filled with native plants and wildflowers and on to the Winkler Family Wetland Terrace that flourishes within a radiantly restored Waller Creek. Stroll across the elevated Suzanne Deal Booth Skywalk, picnic by imaginative playscapes in the Kitty King Powell Lawn, or lie down and laugh awhile on the Great Lawn that rolls up to the world-class Moody Amphitheater. The experiences in Waterloo Greenway’s largest meetup point will be as limitless as your imagination.

Waterloo Park is the completion of Phase of One of Waterloo Greenway's 1.5-mile park system with the power to bring the entire Austin community together. Once complete, the 35 acres of connected green space – meandering from 15th St. along downtown’s eastern edge to Lady Bird Lake – will be home to a wild array of natural and cultural destinations. Amid epic gardens and rolling pathways, and a twinkling Waller Creek that links them, the environment, arts, health, and adventure will converge — and nourish authentic and uplifting experiences that reflect our city’s diversity. 

A significant public-private partnership between the City of Austin and, us, the Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, this park of all parks is being planned, designed, and built in a series of geographic milestones. Meeting each one by our 2026 completion goal is ambitious and requires support from the entire community. There’s much work yet to be done, but we’re well on our way!

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