Riata Neighborhood Park
12401 Riata Trace Pkwy
United States
-97° -97' 21.588" N 30° 30' 42.24" W

This 8-acre City of Austin park is a popular walking and jogging spot for nearby office workers and families living in the adjacent Riata Apartments. The park features a 1/2 mile loop gravel walking path around the perimeter of a small lake connected to the Walnut Creek watershed. Additional amenities include a playground, picnic tables, and an outdoor workout area. Natural features include seasonal wildflowers and migratory waterfowl viewing. The adjacent tennis courts are private and not open to the public. ADA facilities include accessible parking adjacent to the playground along the southwest perimeter of the park and a wheelchair-accessible picnic table; the gravel pathway is relatively flat but uneven in some sections. Some nearby office buildings offer free parking in the evenings and on weekends, but others have parking restrictions, so keep an eye out for towing policies.

ADA Accessible
Picnic Tables
Trails- Hiking
Trails- biking
Things To Do: 
Hiking/ walking
Wildlife Watching