Lance Armstrong Bikeway
Veterans Blvd to E 5th St and Shady
United States
-97° -97' 35.7084" N 30° 30' 7.8312000000001" W

The Lance Armstrong Bikeway is an asphalt and concrete bicycle path and marked bike lane - some of it two-way, some of it one-way.

The largely shaded route, nearly 5 miles long and growing, is safe, peaceful, scenic and never dull. It takes riders along Lady Bird Lake, past some beautiful lakeside parks on both sides of the freeway, and west under I-35 on a protected path into downtown. 

The bikeway rolls through the downtown bar district, past some great restaurants, clubs and bike shops, and then heads west on Cesar Chavez, on a wide, smooth and lined two-way route that goes past the repurposed (and rather steampunk) Seaholm Power Plant and out to Veteran’s Drive and Lake Austin boulevard. Along the way, Lady Bird Lake on the south side of the bikeway offers a beautiful and peaceful place to take a breather or grab a picnic. The north side offers great views of the Austin skyline. 

East from the freeway, the bikeway picks up its own path alongside the train tracks and connects to the Plaza Saltillo bus and train station at East 5th and Comal, making it an excellent partner to people commuting to work (or play) from points further north. 

Once completed, it will run from Veterans and Lake Austin Blvd to East 5th St and Shady Lane.

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