Passport to Texas Radio

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Texas Parks and Wildlife uses many tools to tell the story of our cultural and natural heritage. One of those tools is Passport to Texas Radio hosted by Cecilia Nasti. The radio show covers a number of topics, including why it is important to connect children with nature to be healthier, happier and the next generation of stewards.

There have been several shows now on this topic so we thought we might curate them for your listening and reading enjoyment.

Make a Outdoor Resolution for 2016 reviewed the benefits of being outdoors for children and adults.

There was a follow up to that spot called More Outdoor Resolutions for 2016 that reflected on the calming benefits of nature.

Do Something that Scares you is a fun article with one of the State Park Ambassadors about pushing past our comfort zones to get outside.

The article about NatureRocksTexas explores how technology can support nature play and exploration. This was a two part story with the second part being about how NatureRocksTexas website helps families find nature near them.

You can find all the radio stations that support Passport to Texas on their website.

We hope to see you outside soon.